Sudan In Through Fos7a Travel and Tourism Agency, aimed at organizing and providing authentic experiences to all Sudan best touristic sites. We offers Destination Management Services throughout Africa and Middle East region.

Offering both small group adventure holidays and tailor-made itineraries. Sudan In aims at combining nature, people and diverse culture to the satisfaction of its clients. We take you to places and expose you to avenues where you can interact and enjoy the beauty of all the Sudan has to offer.

Beside or Hot offers in travel and tourism, we offer developing and marketing services to all airlines and travel agencies.

The travel and tourism industry has always been an important part of the service sector in many countries. It is an active contributor to the growth of the economy. It also plays a part in the creation of employment in the local sphere and better international relations. While the tourism industry initially focused on assisting in the planning and reserving elements on any trip, technology has deepened the relationship between the service provider and the consumers. Being a dynamic industry that depends on the whims of its customers, it becomes important for it to constantly evolve.

Features such as the availability of the online booking of tickets, online reviews of places, and many more have led to the tourists becoming more aware and preferring to deal with the service provider directly, diminishing the need for agencies. Websites such as Trivago that allows one to compare hotel prices have become increasingly popular. Online travel agencies (OTA) such as Booking are being used to book a place to stay. Facebook and Instagram now serve as the destination inspiration for the age group of 18-34. Hence, data dependence is important to follow up on the latest trends, keep track of customer preferences, and understand their historical data. One of the most popular ways to gather the data is through web scraping.

There has been a shift in the industry from a non-technical base to that of a technical one where data plays a primary role. To remain relevant, there is a need for change in the types of services provided by the tourism industry. Whatever role you play in the industry- be it a travel agency, a homestay, an airline company, a review site, data scraping will benefit you a lot.